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Family or owners

Unnamed owner, Sniper (father)

Yunikku is a 3 legged Doberman in "The Ohu Game". He is the son of Sniper but doesn't have his "Evil" trait.

Role in storyEdit

Yunikku first appears from afar when he meets Weed, Tairaa, and Ruby. After deep thinking, he quickly rushes towords them, stopping mere inches away. He then tells the Soudaishou his "Quest" to get his father's collar to a shrine in Asia. He said of it as a Game - if they win, they get to kill him, but if he wins, he can get Gijou. He then forces Weed to agree when Weed doesn't comply. He then leaves the collar with Weed, and left. He appears later when ohu arrives in Asia. He decides to help out when he discovers Kyoushiro sick. He tells the others to get some herbs and he manages to keep an eye on the Kishu during the healing. As time went by, he reveals to Weed of his father and he wasn't given a name. After Kyoushiro got better, he finally explains his quest to everyone else and decides to finish it for them, saying they were needed in the north. It was only now that Sonya becomes his godmother and gives him his name, saying he's "One of a kind". After thanking his godmother, Yunikku left again. He reappears one last time when he saves Weed from getting killed by Allen. He held him down for a bit but was violently knocked aside. After that scene, he wasn't seen since.