Yang is a elder daughter of Rina and Nicolas Red, Sister of Twilight, Lunar and Roma, Mate of Yin and the Mother of Koka and Yoka. Spoiler alert, if you see in Ginga; the last wars. Sadly she died in the Manga it was really is a shame. Sadly she didn't appear in anime. She only appeared in the Manga. She probably died because the bear killed her with her own son. She's in heaven.

Name: Yang

Age: 29 years

Breed: Wolf and Husky mix

Status: Alive, deceased: killed by a bear

Family: Rina (Mother, deceased), Nicolas Red (Father), Twilight, Lunar (Sisters), Roma (Brother, deceased) Yoka (Son, deceased) Koka (Daughter)

Mate: John (Formally), Yin (Currently) 

Name Meaning: White of spirits

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