Wilson in Ginga Nagareboshi GinEditEdit

Wilson used to be a circus dog in Shikoku. His owner, Hiroshe, caught Kurojaki in the wild and used his as a circus dog for a while. One day, Kurojaki went crazy and killed Londo, Wilson's son. Kurojaki then kidnapped Wilson's mate Lean, whom he later found the skeleton of in a cave. She had been eaten by the Koga dogs.

He wanted revenge and kidnapped Kurojaki's son Chibi (Tesshin), who he throws out from a cliff. Kurojaki gets furious and pushed him out from the cliff too. When Cross tries to save the puppy, she too falls. However they survive the fall and Wilson joins Ben’s platoon. He was chosen, with John and Benizakura, to be the group leader for fourth skirmish and going to destroy the one of Akakabuto's fortresses.

After defeating Akakabuto, Wilson helps Gin in fight with Juga.



Breed Rough Collie
Affiliation Ohu
First appearance GNG vol 7, chpt 1
Last appearance GDW vol 11 (supposedly)
Status Alive
Family or owners Hiroshe (Owner), Londo (son)
Mate Lean
Voiced by Kōichi Hashimoto

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