Uzuki is by Yoshihiro Takahashi
Uzuki anime

Uzuki as he appeared in the anime

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and gdwEdit

He was one of the "Four Heavenly Kings of Mutsu" and one of Kisaragi's commanders. He helped Kisaragi fight against Terry. He joined Ben's Platoon when Kisaragi did. Before they joined, Uzuki saves Kisaragi from certain death, when he breaks up a fight between Kisaragi and Terry.

He joined Gin's pack after a failed attempt to trap Moss and his group of Arizona.

Ginga Ocean James/Nagareboshi Yukina (by bart12345 and digimonfrontier77)Edit

Uzuki and Great's pups

Uzuki with five of their pups.

Uzuki appears in GOJGNY, alongside the rest of the Mutsu generals. Much like in the original series, Uzuki is one of the least known Mutsu Generals, second only to Hazuki. He's the loving uncle of Sara and Kisame, along with many of the other pups the other Mutsu generals have with their mates.

Prequel to GOJGNYEdit

Some time after the defeat of Akakabuto, Uzuki, along with Kisaragi, Minazuki and Hazuki joined Gin's pack permanently. A while later, he learns that Great is interested in him and they soon starts to go out together, quickly becoming the talk of Gajou after the revelation of Minazuki's pregnancy had died down.

Ginga Ocean James/Nagareboshi YukinaEdit

At some point in the story, Uzuki became pregnant with his and Great's pups. When Sniper had successfully managed to take over Gajou, Uzuki is one of the many soldiers that go with James to recruit more dogs to fight in the battle, but is unable to join in in the final battle due to his pregnancy being a hindrance.

At some point in the story, Uzuki eventually gives birth to his and Great's six pups - Sanna, Anna, Alan, Greg, Gina and Danielle - while staying in Gin's hometown.

GDW AU(bart12345 version)

Uzuki is the mate of Great and they are currently trying for children of their own. He is the uncle to Kisaragi's pups and Minazuki's pups.