American Akita


Aotora's pack



First appearance

T.G.S. Ch.18

Last Appearance


Family or owners

Matador (brother), deceased owner

Turro is a Akita from Mexico, and member of Aotora's pack.


Turro was born over in Mexico as a bull fighting dog along with Matador. But however, his brother was killed during a bull fight and Turro decided to avoid any animal such furious. But that same animal escaped and killed his owner, along with stabbing Turro's chest. As he roamed around for awhile, he ended up on a ship for japan, just managing to survive the trip.


Lintoru ArcEdit

Turro first appears in Aotora's pack. The ohu dogs tried to talk to him but he remained mute. He didn't murmur a word until Carlos decided to speak to him at Star Peak. It was only now does he start talking and he tells what happened to his brother, Matador. He was truly heart broken about what happened and he blamed himself. As Carlos was comforting him, he thanks him for careing. As they were traveling, Turro was the first to notice Marty's hyperactive behavior. He looked him over and it was the first time talking to others besides Carlos. As they were waiting, Turro had to put a huge boulder on Marty's tail in order to keep him still. But that night, they were attacked again by Lintoru's men, being saved by Marty. When the groups got back togeather, Turro walked away for Abit, not being used to crowds, when he first comes across Kahotep. They talked for Abit as he, Star, and "9" brought him back to the pack. He then just became a face in the crowd after that for the rest of the Arc.

Ninja ArcEdit