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Tony is by bart12345 and trygveblacktiger

Tony is the son of Hakuro and Kurotora and has six siblings: Saria, Arion, Rukai, Kagetora, Harutora, and Nobutora.

Ginga Ocean James/Nagareboshi YukinaEdit





husky/kai ken mix


Hokkaido, Ohu

First appearance

Prequel to GOJ/GNY chapter 6



Family or owners

Hakuro (father), Kurotora (mother); Rukai, Kagetora, Arion, Nobutora, Harutora (brothers); bill,chutora,akatora,minazuki(uncles)



Prequel to Goj/GNY Edit

Tony is born to the younger Kai brother Kurotora and Hakuro after the war ended, but when he is six months old, he is attacked by Blue Helmet and loses his memory, washed up to a millionare's home and is given a peg leg and eye patch. He lives with Kazetora and Kajitora.

Ginga Ocean James/Nagareboshi YukinaEdit

Tony is the long-lost son of Hakuro and Kurotora. As he doesn't remember who his parents are, he lives with his friends in the woods until the Ohu army recruits them. When two dogs run up to him, saying he is their son, he pushes them away saying he has no parents. As he lives with the Ohu army, he has doubts along with Kazetora. His cousin is also confused; why were they seperated from their families?

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