Tesshin GNG anime

Tesshin in the GNG anime

Tesshin is the son of the legendary Koga Clan Leader Kurojaki. In GNG he is only a puppy who [[Wilson|Wilson

Tesshin in GDW Anime


Tesshin in GDW Manga.

was about to kill, but Cross saved him and they took him with them. They named the puppy "Chibi" like many people call their pet puppies in Japan. But as he grew up, he changed his name to Tesshin. He was adopted by Moss.In GDW, Kyoshiro Shirogane shares the Shiga area with him. He joins Weed's army and he defeats Kite , one of Hougen's men.


Tesshin was 2 years old when James arrives in Ohu. When sniper takes over ohu,he,moss,kisaragi,akame,their kids,John and gin were captured.they managed to escape via a secret passage.


In arc 2 tesshin was training with kisaragi.however his real mother suki,appears and wants to take him home to take his real father's place.kisaragi tells tesshin to go and get akame.tesshin finds akame and tells him aboult the koga's.


In KAY, Iain and Kaitlin come to Tesshin to ask for help so they can defeat Torakashi. Tesshin and his best Ninjadogs agree and they are seen fighting in the Final Battle.


In GHK, Kazan's sister Zasha almost drowns in an Icy river, but Tesshin jumps into the river and saves her. He takes her back to Iain who is out looking for her.

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