Taromaru (太郎丸)


Akita/Kishu/Kai Ken Mix


Ou Army

First appearance


Last appearance

No information



Family or owners

Reima,Hyoma,Suko,Haruna (great-great-grandparents),Akamaru and Tiara (great-grandparents), Hinatoro and Luna (GDW) (Grandparents), Angelina (mother),Kyoshiro (Father), Kuromura,Akane (Uncles), Kazu (first cousin),Daiki,Haruki and Hayate (Siblings)

Meaning of Name

First Son

Place of Birth

Akita Prefecture


0 - 0.5 years old (GDW:O) 1 year old (G:TLW)

Taromaru is one of the deuteragonist of Ginga Densetsu WEED Orion. He is the oldest son of Angelina and Kyoshiro.

Appearance Edit

Taromaru is a white with black brindle (tora-ge) Akita/Kishu/Kai Ken mix with blue eyes.

He looks just like his mother in every way.

Personality Edit

Taro is calm and kind, brave, strong, compassionate like his mother . He usually looks out for his siblings.

He is a caring, peaceful, and fair, like his mother and grandfather's, and remind them of the appearance. Like his mother, he opposes violence and killing, and believes in goodness. He is the wisest of is siblings, trying to solve the conflicts between them.

Ginga Densetsu Angelina Edit

Along with Weed and Koyuki's pups Taromaru makes a minor appearance in the end of the series, as he is born as the oldest son of Angelina and Kyoshiro.

GDW AU: Orion (Original Belongs to Yoshihiro Takahashi) Edit

Coming Soon

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