Suko (健)



First appearance

GDR AU vol 1, ch 1

Last appearance

GDR AU vol 1, ch 7; GNG AU ep 1 (flashback)


Deceased (fell into a valley)

Family or owners

Gohē Takeda (master), Akamaru,3 sons (children), 2 pups Hinatoro (grandsons), Angelina, Kuromura, Akane, Sera and Lukio (great-grandsons/daughters),Kazu,Taromaru, Daiki,Haruki and Hayate (great-great-grandchildren)



Meaning of Name

Necessary and Child

Place of Birth

Akita Prefecture


4-8 years old (GDR), 8 years old (GNG flashback)

Suko is one of the legendary bear hounds of Takeda Gohee. He is one of the second of his family along with his friend Shiro to fight the monstrous bear, Akakabuto.

Ginga Densetsu Riki AU (Original Belongs to Yoshihiro Takahashi) Edit

Suko is Akamaru's father and Haruna's mate. He was owned by the hunter Takeda Gohei along with Shiro, who has trained him into one of the best hunting dogs. Suko and Shiro saves Hin after finding them badly beaten up along with Riki, drifting in the river, and tells them both how to become great.

On a hunt for the wild bear Akakabuto, Shiro and Takeda Gohee get ambushed and now need to struggle for their lives. As Riki and Hin rushes in to help, Shiro and Suko sees an option to save their owner and their sons by pushing Akakabuto and themselves into a valley.

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