Koga/Akita mix


Kurojaki's Change Of Heart



Family or owners

Tesshin (brother), Kurojaki (Father), unnamed mother


Koga Clan

Spider is Tesshin's older brother and son of Kurojaki. His mother was killed by the Iga clan some time before Tesshin was born, but he just wanted his younger brother safe.

Spider first appears alongside Tesshin as instructed by Tesshin to stay at their Gijou. When Kurojaki does come back with his eye gorges he tries to get his father to rest, only having Kurojaki ignoring him. He agrees to keep Tesshin safe as he fights Iga and now Ou. He was praying god to keep Tesshin safe for when it came the time for him to go when Wilson invades and kidnaps Tesshin, ripping out his foot In the process. Panicked, he quickly runs out and finds his dad and told him what happened. He quickly races back with Kurojaki and showed him what had happened. Later on though after Wilson escapes, he quickly runs ahead to the Iga house, ignoring Kurojaki. The fight when they got their lasted Abit as Spider body slams Wilson just before he let's go of Tesshin. He quickly catches his younger brother as Kurojaki threw him out of harms way.