Sniper and Hyena as they both appeared in the anime

Sniper, also known as Murder S, is an official character appearing in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed as an antagonist to the titular characters.


Sniper is a ruthless dog with no feelings of compassion or honor, just selfish. From his very first appearance, it's pretty obvious that he wants to take over the pack, along with the fact that he hates just about anyone who could challenge what he considers his righteous post. Even when a human fixed him up after the fall in GNG, he only repayed the human by killing her in coldblood.

Sniper is a Doberman Pinscher. He's mainly black with brown patches above his eyes, his snout, paws, and the inside of his ears. In the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin anime, he wore a grey collar with spikes coming out of it, whereas in the manga and Ginga Densetsu Weed, he wore an ordinary red collar. In GDW, he also has metal hindlegs.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

Ginga Nagareboshi GinEdit





Ōu, Hougen's pack


Deceased (drowned)

Family or owners

Unnamed owner





Sniper is the general of Riki's pack. From the very first moment he laid his eyes on Gin, he instantly hated the pup's guts, and starts to plan with Hyena, his spy, to kill him. He then tells the Weimaraner to spy on the pup and the platoon.

In the meantime, Sniper tried everything to ruin Ben and the group's mission to gathering more males. He kills one dog with the help of Hyena. Gin and Smith saw this and Sniper and Hyena chase after them, leading them to a waterfall and then give up. After Sniper learns of Ben surviving rocks he orders Hyena to return to the pack because they need more information. Hyena does return to the pack, but turns against Sniper. Sniper gets defeated by Gin in the mountain that surrounds Shikoku, but doesn’t give up.

He returns before the final battle against Akakabuto and fights Ben, but Ben gets the upper hand. After Ben throws himself and Sniper into a river, Sniper tries to drown Ben, but gets disturbed by Hyena who witnessed everything and jumped down to save Ben. Sniper kills Hyena and then disappears for the rest of the series, not appearing at all in the Wolf Arc. He would return in the Ginga Densetsu Weed manga.

In the anime, Sniper still fights Ben, but after Ben jumps down the cliff with Sniper, he is never seen again. He had possibly died from the long fall before Hyena dived down to save Ben afterwards.

Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

Sniper howling

Sniper as he appeared in GDW manga

Sniper is the sworn enemy of Gin and Hougen's ally. He tried to kill Gin several times when he was younger and wanted to take over Ōu himself. However, Sniper is now handicapped because he got crushed between some stones when he tried to drown the Great Dane, Ben, earlier. He has metal legs and a small carriage that helps him walk. Snipe is known as Murder S and has trained many assassins. He joins up with Hougen to get revenge on Gin but Hougen almost buries him alive because of his past as a traitor and Ōu dog. However, his speak makes Hougen spare him and it's revealed he has artificial back legs. Sniper starts to train walking and fighting, becoming Hougen's right hand and commander of his fort.

When Gin escapes from Hougen, Sniper could not retrieve him (as Gin was taken away by truck drivers), and he kills another dog who looks like Gin instead and carries the corpse back to Hougen. The trick works and Sniper is now the only one who knows of Gin’s existence.

He travels out to kill Gin but has to return empty-handed. He then meets Weed who wounds him badly. Sniper disappears for awhile but returns before the final battle. When Tesshin is about to kill Hougen, Sniper jumps in and cuts open Tesshin’s stomach. He then jumps into a gorge to find and kill Gin. He fights Gin but the ice breaks under his steel legs and he falls into a hole that's so deep that only his head is visible. When Weed arrives shortly after, Sniper tries to drag Weed down the hole. Weed tries to talk Sniper sense but orders him to be drowned as he realizes the dog isn't going to change his bad ways. Sniper is kept underwater until he is forced to let go of Weed. He vanishes through the hole before drowning in the river below, unable to get out of the river due to his heavy back legs.

Ginga Ocean James/Nagareboshi Yukina (by bart12345 and digimonfrontier77)Edit


Sniper as he appeared in GOJGNY (unless proven otherwise)





Sniper's pack (Leader)


Deceased (defeated by James, and then killed by Tegan)

Family or owners

Blight, Aku, Stocke,Redfang, Ren, Nancy (children) Minerva(mother) White Fang(Father) Shiro(Half-brother) Riki (Half-nephew) Gin(Great half-nephew) Ren's son(Grandson) Lucy's parents(In-laws)


Gin (forced); Lucy



Sniper appears in GOJGNY as one of the main antagonists in the story. Having survived the fall in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, he obtained a scar on his forehead, lost the skin on his muzzle, and was given metal legs by humans.

Still wanting to claim Ohu as his own, Sniper is ready to go for great lengths to do so. Having managed to build himself an army, he not only plans to invade Ohu and take over, but to also claim Gin as his bitch. He rapes Gin, but does not sire any pups in the Akita. Soon, Gin escapes and Sniper orders his army to go find him.

Near the end of the first arc, Sniper meets Lucy and immediatly seduces her and sires three pups inside her-one male and two daughters that are born after his death. His ghost is later seen harassing Gin's children, but is not seen afterward and his spirit is assumed to be wandering around in the real world with Lucy, unable to move on to the afterlife, unable to be reborn.

He is assumed to be the son of Stocke. He is the father of Blight and Aku.

GDW:Alternative World (by digimonfrontier77)Edit

Sniper is the mate of Lucy and father to Redfang, Ren, and Nancy. He is more laidback, but still cold hearted. He is seemingly unaware that Lucy is cheating on him with Hougen and other males. It is unknown why he chose to be the follower of his mate and give up any power to rule.

Ginga King (by digimonfrontier77)Edit

Sniper is the half-brother of Shiro, the King of Futago Pass. He detests his brother and his children-Chako, Daia, Hawkeye, Riki, Rikun, and Zidane. He often tries to kill them when they are alone, but he always fails. Eventually, he gains the help of the Kogas and the Borozi brothers, finally killing his half-brother Shiro but fails to kill the kids. He manipulates Fuji into staying after he finds her.

GDW:AU (by bart12345)Edit

He is the half-brother of Shiro, son to White Fang and Minevra, and was known as Rurin at the time. He was a quiet child, but had at least some compassion before his change.

After moving to their new home with Takeda Gohei, he meets up with Yamabuki and falls in love with her, but Shiro is the one she chooses and is resentful, eventually trying to kill his master.

Kicked out of his home, he changes his name to Sniper. He watches from afar as his nieces and nephews were born. He takes an interest in Riki, the runt and stalks him. When Riki tries to kill Akakabuto to protect his son Gin, he falls off the cliff and gets amnesia. He takes advantage of this and worms his way into his mind, earning his trust and climbing to the top of the Ohu army. Six months pass until Gin shows up, claiming Riki is his father.

Sniper is furious: Gin was a threat to his power and tries to get him to leave, but he fails and Gin is made into a soldier. Sniper then tries to get Hyena to kill him, but Gin lives. He then tries to lure Gin into a trap in Shikkoku by taking Chutora and Kurotora hostage, but fails and is humiliated and gets stuck in a tree.

His half-nephew Riki eventually regains his memory, but dies in the final battle. The Doberman was furious; his power had been taken and he didn't like it. So he set out to regain that power through any means necessary. 

Sniper is the main villain who takes over Gajou just a few months after Akakabuto is killed. He dislikes anyone who challenges or speaks against his authority, as seen in the latest chapter when he assigns Hougen a mission that is suicide to even try. He also wants to train his children into his successors as soon as possible, but why is unknown.

He forces Gin to be his mate, getting him pregnant with Axel, their son. Gin and John's five new pups - Belle, Mike, Tin Tin, Gin Jr, and John Jr flee after they find an opening in their prison.

Why Sniper has taken over is a mystery to everyone...

Ohu Game (by Gingalover)Edit

Although he didn't officially appear, he was described a bit by his son, Yunikku, as he gave his mission to Weed and his army, and after Yunikku helped heal Kyoushiro.


  • It was officially confirmed that Lector and Thunder are the apprentices of Sniper in GDW.

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