Smoke: Kishu Inu x Great Dane mix
Smoke digimonfrontier77 s oc by superbart12345-d4de23i

Gender: male

Mother: Kushi (Kishu Inu)

Father: Hougen (Great Dane)

Half-siblings: Sandra, Ryoku, Kyo, Morakin, Deathclaw, Chika

Uncle: Genba

Cousin: Satoshi

Nephews: Nuka, Kovu

Niece: Hawkeye

Son-in-laws: Kovu, Nakari

Sister-in-laws: Mozart, Mora, Yuko(original)

Brother-in-laws: Aki, Junpei

Mother in law:Alice(original)

Father in law:Jim(original)

Mate: James(original)

Children: Liara, Ryo, Kana, Rikun (After the war at Gajou), Uru, Mheetu (In New York City after being taken by his former owner)(original version of GOJ)

Personality: Kind-hearted, willing to help, loves to fish, dislikes hurting his family

Backstory: Smoke was born to Kushi and Hougen after a one-night stand between the two dogs. Although Kushi was deeply hurt by hougen's betrayal, she still loved Smoke when he was born and doted affection on him endlessly. Growing up was simple for him. His Owner was a woodcutter near the town. Little happened in his life...until three dogs appeared on his doorstep asking for shelter. They were Mora, Mozart, and James-three dogs that had been seperated from their parents after a car crash. Smoke agreed...

He became James's close friend and eventually became his mate, bearing his four pups shortly after the war against Sniper had ended. He eventually bears two more pups during his time at New York City. He says goodbye to his mother and never sees her again.


-Smoke was originally designed to have only one white ear and the rest of his body would have been black. his design was later changed slightly to the one you see now.

-Smoke is also very close with Sara and Kisame(Later Brian). He doesn't get along with she half-sister Sandra.