Retreiver (Albino)





Family or owners

Zero (Son)

First appearance

Ohu Game Ch.12 PT2 ; T.G.S. Ch. 26

Last Appearance




Sheva is a Golden retriever suffering from Albinism from "The Ohu Game" and "The Gang Story".

Ohu GameEdit

Sheva was a prisoner along with Rajan,Conner,Ogr,Loka, and Drew when Weed's substitute was thrown in the chamber. Sheva didn't talk to him that much. She however was friendly to him. She was asked if she beloved in Conner's theroy, and she didn't agree. But when Ohu left for home, she ended up fallowing them back to japan and became an ohu soldier herself. In the epilogue, Sheva has fallen in love with Mel, but they both didn't truly commit yet.


Sheva is now Mel's mate and is the mother of Zero. She first appeared with her son when she confronted Carlos,Kahotep, and Zeroni. She asked if they had seen her mate, but they didn't know. Disappointed, she got her pup and she left. She appeared the next morning after Tiger came back from a scouting trip with his now dead comrades, and it was she who told Patty about her father, GB, that had gotten killed by Lintoru. She then gave the details to Rakki, since they had to remove Patty since she was heart-broken. Sheva too was Abit sad of GB's death.

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