Golden Retriver



Family or owners

Fang (Foster Father), Unnamed parants (Deceased)


1 month - 5 years old

Sei is a small golden retriever who was found by Fang. She was escorted to a small cave where she'll be safe. Fang gave here some food because she was to young to hunt for herself. Things went on like this for sometime until Byakeren finds her and fang, and runs back to tell Resse. When Fang was banished, Sei went with him since she didnt have nowhere else to go. Sei and Fang, show up later resting along side a river. They were found by Kyyushi, Hoko, and Sora. They were told about the battle ahead, but they were waiting for them. As a risult, joining ohu.

In Ginga Farle Aotora, she had grew more independent and brave. During the devil dogs arc, she mainly stayed with Aotora and helped gather males in the battle with Black Shuck.

In the tundra arc, she appears early in the arc when she finds Jax with his group of abandons pups. She tells Jax that the leader wants him back. She also saids that they would take care of the pups too. So Sei guides Jax to the ohu group. Since then, she was a background character.