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Akatora, Minazuki (parents); Jane, Alary, Neira, Tiana, Kazetora (biological siblings); Kyrina (half-sibling); Kajitora (step-father); Amy, Himiko, Oki, 5 unnamed pups (children); Chutora, Kurotora, Uzuki, Hazuki, Kisaragi, Bill, Hakuro (uncles); Tony, Kagetora, Harutora, Nobutora, Bill and Chutora's pups (cousins)


Suruki(original) James (reboot)


6 months (Sniper arc), 1 (Tegan arc), 1.5 (Journey to New York arc)

Sara is the daughter of the late Akatora and Minazuki, and the eldest in that
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sara with her freinds

litter. She's also one of the major protagonists in GOJ, but becomes a very minor character in the sequel, GOJ:L. she however has a large role in the final arc of GOJ:L. 

Sara is made by bart12345

Ginga Ocean James/Nagareboshi YukinaEdit

Sara was born to Minazuki and the late Akatora deep in the woods along with her siblings. Sadly, Kazetora was taken by a human while Minazuki and Mole could do nothing to stop him. Months later, Sara is first seen fishing in a lake nearby her mother and Hazuki, Kisaragi, and Uzuki (the latter who is pregnant with Great's pups).

Trivia Edit

Originally she and James were going to be the original couple but the author liked Smoke and paired James up with him. The author has plans for a reboot of GOJ and will have Sara and James be the original couple, as originally intended.