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Ryuin is the daughter of Hougen and Lucy, her and her brother Bakin and Kyrou were the product of a fling between the two years before she mated with Sniper and had Ren, Redfang, and Nancy with him. She is cold and quiet, following her mother's orders to the letter despite her father unusual worry towards her.

After her failed attempt to attack Weed that was botched by the Borozi brothers Rocket, Missile, and Jet, she was tied up along with the three of them until Houge attacked the camp the Ohu army had made.

When Weed castrated her father, she was both angry and afraid, no one had stood up to her father like that. What could Weed do to her brother Kyrou as well? She tried to yell at him, but he told her that both her parents simply did not care and that she should leave.

Ryuin then watched her father get up and leave in the darkness still bleeding. Making no attempts to stop him, she left in the middle of the night as well, presumebly to find her only living brother Kyrou...