(ライアン Raian)


Labrador Retriever / American Pit Bull Terrier


Top 5 Pack, Rishiri Island


Deceased (shot by humans)

Family or owners

Allen, Zephyr (parents); Isabella "Izzy", unnamed siblings (biological siblings); "Pointy", "Swifty", Sora, Adina, Vidar, Rin, Miyuki, Sylar (half-siblings); Fallon, Sheila, Tapps, Helena, Yuri (adoptive siblings)


No information


3 months to 4 years (The Three Dog Packs' stories, Part II)

Ryan is a minor character appearing in Rishiritou no Inu no Densetsu series as the son of Allen and the late Zephyr. Due to his close relationship with his mother, Ryan always throws a fit whenever someone would start trashtalk about her.

Rishiritou no Inu no DensetsuEdit

The Three Dog Packs' stories, Part IIEdit

Due to the war going on between the rebellion and Misha's pack, Ryan and Isabella didn't make their appearances until somewhere near the end of said war.

Accompanying their mother on a walk, the trio accidentally meet up with the children's unknowing sire. A fight between their parents ensued, which only came to a halt thanks to Ryan.