Rogure's PastEdit

Rogure had a great life among his family. But then, He was captured by humans, along with his family, and put in a dog pound. While he was there, his mate, and son , Sokka, died. After a few weeks, he and his son, Ash, managed to escape and lived their lives as strays.

Rogure in Resse's PackEdit

Rogure is a member and platoon leader of Resse's pack. However, he tried to keep his son safe. But Resse discovers Ash and kills him because he thought ash was a spy. Enraged, Rogure charged at Resse and rips off his ear and tail. Rogure then ran off, never considering himself part of his pack. After a few weeks, Resse finds him again. But before he attacked, one of the ohu soldiers attacked Resse. Bizzarly, Resse leaves Rogure alone for a while. He thanked the soldier and asks if he can join in their group. But the ohu soldier was already gone. After a few days, he finds Kyyushi and his group. He then offers to be in their group. He also explains that he want to avenge his son by killing Resse. They agree to let him in. But after a few days, Resse finds him a third time, this time all alone. Rogure got attacked by Resse. Resse then rips his leg off, killing him instantly.