Riki, Jisoku, Suki, Hisan, Kichi

Riki and his siblings as pups.

These are Riki's four siblings. In reality, they had no names, but the K.A.Y team (ChaseTheWolfgirl, GingaMahomie, DensetsuMel and Hellpup) decided that this is what happened to them after their birth.

Ginga Densetsu RikiEdit

Riki: We all know his story...

Kichi: Was trained by Gohei and became a bearhound

Suki: Only female, became a family pet

Hisan: Was a pet, but was taken and trained by a man

Jisoku: Taken by an old man who wanted company.

Kaitlin Aka YajirushiEdit

Riki: Dead. His ghost appears many times, though

Kichi: A commander in Kaitlin's Army

Suki: A member of Joe's Army

Hisan: A member of Gin's Army

Jisoku: Was a lone wonderer, but got killed by Toxic

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