The lone son of Lucy and Sniper



Doberman/Tosa mix





Family or owners

Lucy, Sniper (biological parents); Kyou, Yukina (adoptive parents) Ryuin, Kyrou, Bakin (half-siblings); Redfang, Nancy (biological siblings); Chako, Namia, Taka, Rurin (adoptive siblings)




Newborn to 1.5 years (GOJ-series); "Pup" (GDW:AW)

Ren is the lone son of Lucy and Sniper, often being picked on because of who his real parents are. He has two sisters, Redfang and Nancy. He also has four other sibling from his adopted mother Yukina; Chako, Namia, Taka, and Rurin.

Ginga Ocean JamesEdit

Arc 2/Black ShadeEdit

Ren was always picked on by a young pup who had keep harassing him because of his biological parents. One day, this bullying led to the bully's death. Outraged, his parents along with a bunch of other dogs who were not pleased that he and his siblings had been spared, exiled him from Ohu. He ran until he collapsed in the deep woods away from Futago Pass. He woke up to a Saluki mix named Maoruki; he had left Ohu for reasons unknown and had taken up with this pack. He also met Alphanui, a timid Basenji who jumped at the slightest noise.

When he heard of the pack's cruel leader, he secretly began training with Maoruki's help and eventually defeated the cold leader. That's when he noticed that he looked a lot like Lakana, his friend. He kept this to himself until he got back home with his new pack in tow. Yukina and Kyo were overjoyed at his return and told him that the dogs who had chased him out had been exiled as a result by Buruge.

Ginga Ocean James Arc 3Edit

Ren doesn't do much here, but he is one of the soldiers who fought Blue Helmet alongside Wedelle. He also keeps hearing the voice of his real father Sniper.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Alternate WorldEdit

Ren is the son of Lucy and Sniper and is often subjected to training by his cruel mother. Lucy had given birth to him and his sisters shortly after she had taken over Gajou. One day however, he and his sisters were taken away by a defector named Raynie, the daughter of Kaibutsu and Gina. She, with the help of her friend Shinda, escaped to a river before Kamakiri and Stone found them. Giving up her life, Shinda let Ren and the others escape to freedom. Ren is currently being taken care of by Akemi and her mate Alex, son of Jerome.