Doberman/great Dane mix


Russian Army



Family or owner

Sakura,Koinu (owners), Morey (Brother), Rose (Sister)

First appearance

Ohu Game Ch.12 PT2

Last appearance


Rajan is one of the prisoners in the "Ohu Game".

Rajan's StoryEdit

Rajan was born as a pet dog to Sakura. He is the runt of the litter, and is often teased by his brother Morey. His only supporter was his sister Rose. He lived with Sakura for awhile until he was then adopted by Koinu. He and Koinu had grown up on farmland and Rajan had gotten a much bigger relationship then he ever had with his previous owner. But one night, he was kidnapped by two thieves who take him to a animal experiments lab. They tested some eyedrops on him, resulting in his blindness. They had let him go after that. He did manage to get home but it was only for him to say goodbye to his closest and dearest friend, and he left.

Rajan puppy

Rajan in Rajan's Story

The Ohu GameEdit

Rajan appears along with Conner, Ogr, Sheva, Loka, and Drew in the huge prison when Weed was tossed in. He didn't say very much to him except a simple intro. He wasnt very involved in the story, just as a minor character.