Papillon ginga adoptable by alphajennifer-d5fo8lv

(レイン Rein)







Family or owners

Unnamed owner Shiro Carka (Brothers)




18 years old

Raine is a minor character appearing in the Rishiritou no Inu no Densetsu as an ally to the wild dogs during Fallon and Geli's rules of their packs, and becoming one of the packs' first friend who happens to be a part of Seigi.

Rishiritou no Inu no DensetsuEdit

The Three Dog Packs' stories, Part IIEdit

Raine is a pet dog. Originally having lived a quiet, normal life completely isolated from the events involving the wild dogs, her life came to a change when Allen, having managed to survive the fall in Part I, is brought to her home. Her owner, a friend of the vet who had treated Allen, only accepted when he got the offer of taking care of the Labrador after being asked several times, as he was a bit unsure over how Raine would've dealt with the situation at hand.

Raine, intrigued and smitten with Allen based on the stranger dog's appearance, immediately came to warm up to the other, much to her owner's great relief. After Allen has fully recovered and learned how to walk again, Raine secretly helps him to escape.


Cheerful and comical, Raine banters with those around her and will occasionally poke fun at herself and her quirks in order to get a good laugh. Considered vain by Allen due to her always falling in love with the most "handsome" dogs - or just about anyone who has an "intriguing" appearance in general - Raine has been known to be a bit shallow before you get to know her. Despite her silly side, the Papillon has been known to make deeply profound and insightful remarks. When she notices that she doesn't stand a chance in getting any males that she wants, Raine will back down, as noted by her willingness to let go of her "silly" crush on Allen just so that he could be with Kia, much to everyone's surprise.