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Ōgonga Kyuseishu Kin 黄金牙救世主キン (ENG: "Goldenfang Savior Kin") is a Ginga fan series featuring Kin the akita kishu mix as the main character. In this series Kin is told to travel to Ōhu alone by her mother and search for her father, Orion, the 4th generation leader of Ōhu.


Somewhere outside of Ōhu in Tokyo Japan, a flood had hit the land and destroyed the local zoo, setting free all the zoo animals; hippos, elephants, hyenas, lions, wolves, and the most dangerous of all the zoo animals; Dagger the black panther, an evil wild cat who kills off his trainers and the zoo owners, ruining any chances of recovering any lost zoo animals so that he can roam free and threaten the land of Ōhu. He runs free across the lands and enslaves any dogs or cats in his path, killing anyone who refused.

Meanwhile in the forests of Japan, Kin travels to Ōhu with her new friend, Pojo the brown pug. Along the way to the Ōhu Mountains where Kin was born, they encounter many packs of stray cats and bears waiting to cause trouble with them. However, Kin meets up with several old friends who are looking to help her on her journey across the wild.

Upon learning that her father may possibly be dead, Kin promises to him that she will never give up on herself during her adventure to stop Dagger from destroying their homeland and killing the innocent.

Release Date Edit

Ōgonga Kyuseishu Kin is scheduled to be released sometime after the end of Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion.

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