Misha is a daughter of the leader of 1st Kiribati (Shiro's father), sister of Shiro and the friend of Jon, She got captured by humans when she found. She was pup who feared of humans and the human named Carie Red have found her, she picked Misha up and stroking Misha's fur. Misha nuzzled Carie Red for comforting. Then she grew up she was a pet of Carie Red. Misha reunite with her friend Fuji for after 5 years ago. Fuji's owners are proud of Misha. Misha meets Fuji's son Gin a newborn puppy.

In Ginga Legend Weed. Misha is about 19 years old reunite with Gin once again, She tells Gin's son Weed is still alive. Gin understands and nuzzling Misha by her neck. In spring time, Misha finally gets to meet Weed in spring. Weed is proud and brave pup. Misha is look like Weed. But she has black fur and Green collar with a diamond shaped on her collar.

In Ginga Legend Weed: Orion. Misha is about 20 years old reunite Weed and Gin once again. And She meets Weed's son Orion. Orion is a son of Weed and Koyuki. 

In Ginga: The last wars. Misha, Gin and Weed look up a sky. She seemed a stars and a moon on her eyes. And now Misha reunite with her father, Kiribati.

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