Minazuki is by Yoshihiro Takahashi

He was one of the"Four Heavenly Kings of Mutsu" and one of Kisaragi's commanders.

In GNG He joined Gin's pack after a failed attempt to trap Moss and his group.

His role in GNG was short however in GOJ he has a major role. He and his brothers also have a major role in GDW:AU(bart12345's version) as well as Great and Jaguar. 



Siberian Husky


Mutsu, Ohu

Family or owners

Mate:Akatora(deceased),Kajitora(reincarnation of akatora) Children:Sara,Jane,Alary,Neira,Tiana,Kazetora and Kyrina

Meaning of Name

June (old Japanese)


Deceased (died peacefully to reunite with Akatora in chapter 52)

Personality in the series

Minazuki is fastest of the four brothers and has the unusual ability of climbing trees. Although Minazuki was a baddie when we first saw him, after the battle at Mitsu, Minazuki became friendly and became good friends with Gin. When Minazuki mourned the loss of his mate Akatora, Gin comforted him saying that Akatora will always be there for him. Minazuki is also very caring when it comes to his and Akatora's pups.

Prequle to GOJ/GNY

In chapters 1 and 2, Minazuki felt very ill and was throwing up. Kisaragi, Hazuki and Uzuki were very worried about him.

In chapter 3, a flashback revealed he met and fell in love with Akatora. However, in the battle with Akakabuto, Madara threw a tree at the group, Minazuki getting his leg caught and broken. Kisaragi then tells Hazuki and Uzuki to take Minazuki back to base. Minazuki was about to protest, but Akatora calms him down saying when the battle is over they can be together always.

At the final battle Minazuki, Uzuki, Hazuki with Cross watched the intense final battle with Akakabuto where they watched in horror as akatora leaps towards Akakabuto to save Ben and Gin, only to get impaled on his claws.

Minazuki screams his lover's name and tried to run to the battle but Uzuki and Hazuki blocked him.

Akatora wrenched himself free and bit Akakabuto's left eye and he fell off and and hits the ground hard.dying he makes his brothers and Gin a promise to protect Minazuki. He closes his eyes with his last words "Red fucking ironic.'.

In the present Minazuki was sadly remembering those final moments when Kisaragi finds him and tells him he's taking him to Akame. Minazuki is about to protest again but began to feel light headed and collapsed.

In Gajou, Akame tends to Minazuki. Kisaragi feared it might be a form of sickness but when A
Akatora x minazuki by digimonfrontier77-d4ru762

Minazuki thinking of his late mate

kame put his ear on Minazuki's stomach he found out a shocking surprise: Minazuki was pregnant! Both overjoyed and heartbroken, he waits for the pups to be born. They were born in the forest while he and ken were gathering food and water.

Sadly, Kazetora is taken by a human and he is too weak to try and save him.

Ginga Ocean James:

Minazuki has moved on from the loss of his only son and forces himself to be a mother to Sara and her sisters. When he meets James, he is surprised by how much he looks like John and Gin. Minazuki is also known to be a great leader if forced to, when Sniper takes over, he and Bill take anyone the can to safety. As he leads his friends to gather help, he becomes and uncle to Uzuki's pups. Eventually, he and Bill hand over temporary leadership to James when Gin is pregnant.

When Morakin and her packmates are recruited, he is shocked to find a Red Kai that looks very similar to his dead mate Akatora. Kajitora is wary of Minazuki, but eventually remembers his past life and grows closer to Minazuki, becoming the father Sara never had growing up. He is also reunited with Kazetora.

After the war against Sniper, he and Kajitora are expecting a pup of their own when he is kidnapped by Tegan, along with Gin and his own pups. In the castle, he gives birth to Kyrina. But he is unable to see his newborn daughter grow up due to Tegan. He sacrifices himself to save the others and is severely injured by Tegan. He tells Sara to be an adult now, he can no longer be here. He dies and his finally reunited with Akatora and the fallen Ohu soldiers. He watches from heaven as Sara becomes a mother to Amy, Oki, Himiko, and five other pups with Suruki her mate.

His daughter Jane leaves Ohu to travel, Tiana and Neira move into the castle and Kazetora, Sara, and Alary stay in Ohu.


GDW:AU(bart12345 version):

Minazuki(GDW:AU bart12345 version)


Siberian Husky

First appearance

GNG ep. 16



Family or owners

Uzuki, Hazuki,Kisaragi(Brothers), Great,Jaguar,Chutora,Kurotora(brothers in law),Akatora(mate), Sara,Jane,Alary,Neira,Tiana,Kazetora and Kyrina(daughters) Hugo (Son-in-law)

Meaning of Name

June (old Japanese)

 Minazuki is the mate of Akatora and is mother to his five pups-Sara, Alary, Jane, Neira, and Tiana. He is also the mother of Kazetora from the same litter and later, Kyrina from his new mate Kajitora. He is the brother of Kisaragi, Uzuki, and Hazuki. James (Son-in-law)

Ginga densetsu Corvus:

Minazuki has a large role in this other story however he has a son named Corvus,who is a husky/kai mix. In chapter 9 it is revealed that Minazuki gave birth to him and that his real father is Akatora. He has a crush on Cecil