Bianca green tiger by akitawolfmon-d58ipi0

Bianca is the daughter of Leanne and Akatora. She is Half Kai ken half Koga, she loves her mother but she never met her father, he'd died before she was born. She was born in the Koga clan but her mother was scared for her and sent her to live in Kai to train with Bianca's uncales. But a demon Deer came and killed Chutora. Bianca was upset and left. After a long time she came back and fell in love with Tom a brown Koga dog. She and Tom trained as assassins for the Kogas but one mission was to much the Koga leader told her and Tom to kill Gin for what he'd done to the great koga clan. Bianca refused and left with Tom, her mother. She retreated to the eastern alps and  met many friends on the way, they became rebels until Weed came.