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Running from Gajou

GDW: AU (Made by bart12345)

Maria, Pheobus, and Esmerelda are three of Smith's loyal friends and are tasked with taking Weed, Joe and Yukimura to safety after Gajou is deemed no longer safe by the leader. Each taking one pup on their back, they flee into the rain. How the pups survived the cold night is unknown along with the fate of these three. They vanished after giving the pups to a female they knew had just given birth-Cross.

Cross took the pups in and nursed them along with hers and Ben's. When they were weaned, she in turn gave them to Smith and Sakura, who were expecting pups of their own. Along with them was their eldest sons, GB and Jin, and Alice and her family. They took the three pups to a small den big enough for them to live in and out of the public eye. Soon after that, the three dogs left and vanished, no knows where they are now...or if they are still alive.