Manchee is a crossbreed from Osaka. He never got to see his mother since she died 3 hours after giving birth to Manchee and his siblings. His owner then sold him on to a family in the city. However Manchee didn't get on with his new owners and his owners didn't get on with him. When he was two years old, the family dumped him on the streets, tied to a lamppost. From that moment on, Manchee understood that humans couldn't be trusted and he swore that he would kill any human that came too close. Soon enough, an unknown boy found him and took off his collar and lead. Manchee growled and got ready to attack, but he could bring himself to hurt a defenceless human. So he just growled at him and took off. He went into the woods and found a platoon lead by Iain, who told him about the mission to kill Torakashi and Manchee decided to go with them. He survived the war and is still seen later on in the background of the Ginga Hanashi Kazan series.

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