Luna (ルナ)


Kai Ken/Wolf Mix



First appearance

GDA ch 1

Last appearance

GDA ch 1


Deceased (sickness)

Family or owners

Reima (Grandfather),Hyōma (Father),Unamed Mother, Angelina,Kuromura, Akane (children), Kazu, Taromaru,Daiki, Haruki and Hayate (grandchildren)



Meaning of Name


Place of Birth

Shizuoka Prefecture

Luna is Hinatoro's mate, making her the mother of Angelina, Kuromura,Akane. Shes the daughter of Hyōma and Granddaughter of Reima.

Appearance Edit

Luna is a beautiful white and black Kai Ken mix dog with blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Luna is a very caring and loyal dog. She is very strong physically, but she is very brave.

When first seen in the story, she is dying and only thinks about the safety of her daughter. She was a very caring mother and eventually starved because she gave her food for her young, growing daughter.

Ginga Densetsu Angelina Series  Edit

Prologue Edit

When she first meets Hinatoro, she was in the meadow when he spotted her and introduced themselves,since then they fell in love eventually while she travels with him, John, Gin,Akame and Tesshin. She becomes pregnant along with Ryu and Sakura and Tesshin takes them to Ouu where she befriends Lucy, who actually dislikes them out of jealousy and lies to them that Gin and the others was mortally wounded. Believing that Lucy is there friend, Luna and the others thinks the lie is true and hurries to find their mates from the Northern Alps.

She gives birth to Angelina, Akane and Kuromura. She soon becomes weak from the lack of food and sickness. Seth appears and gives Luna a rabbit he had caught. As Akane and Kuromura fight over the rabbit, Angle doesn't. She suckles her mother for milk and Luna asks Seth to take care of her sons. Seth adopts Akane and Kuromura but Angle is too close to her mother so she stays with Luna.

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