Wolf hybrid



First appearance

T.G.S. Ch.6

Last appearance

T.G.S. Ch.30


Deceased (Killed by Hisuteri)

Luna is a special character in "The Gang Story". He always seems to come in out of nowhere and also calls his friends by "sama", showing the most respect. Despite of his appearances to the army, he was most talkative and friendly Twords Scott. The reason is that Scott is like a younger version of him.


Luna, oddly similar to Lintoru, has been involved in the past of many of the characters in the story. The first thing he did was when he has been staying around a humans home where Patty was staying at. After about a week, he finally gotten patty to run away Twords Ohu, and seems to of vanished later on. He then finds and rescues Aotora, whom was left to die in the frozen mountains. Next he finds the Egyptian puppy, Kahotep, whom he guides Twords Gijou nearby, where Kahotep joins ohu. Then he goes to Kai, and rescues "9" from an animal experimental labratory. He then had went and found Star in a deep cave, and raised her for awhile until she had grown up enough to eat meat, then he left his own way.


Lintoru ArcEdit

He first appears when he comes across Scott and Alice. He tells them to look where the moon's rays meets the ground, and he was shown laying on a low branch. He jumps down and then explains to them about Lintoru. After he did, he tells Scott that he should train his friends before meeting Lintoru, and then he vanishes with a quick blow of the wind. During this time, he didn't appear literally, but Aotora saids that Luna told him of the Ohu soldiers arrival. He reappears later when Akasama was caught in a terrible snowstorm. He walks over to him and howls for help. His howl removed any other noise made at the time. When he was done, he tells him he shouldn't give up, and he walks off a few steps before disappearing again. He appears Abit later, this time after Patty told what had happened to her. He walked over to Scott and introduced himself, causing Patty to collapse in shock meeting "the Moon wolf". He then gets Scott to walk away from the others, and tells him about what is going on with his friends. He then tells him of "The New Kai brothers", and then he vanishes AGAIN. He then randomly appears again during the final battle when he tells Ragnar that Collin's gonna be fine.

Ninja ArcEdit