Original character by Yoshihiro Takahashi Kyōshirō of Shiga is one of the important characters in Ginga Densetsu Weed. Most of Kyōshirō's pack contains young dogs that have been abused in the past and fight against child abusing. As a pup, he himself had been abused by his father in the past and therefore rescued abused puppies to form his own pack. Kyōshirō has a strong sense of justice, though he handles situations in a violent manner. He is brash and headstrong, but has compassion when it comes to taking care of and guiding young pups.

Kyōshirō of Shiga

Kyōshirō in the anime

Breed Kishu Inu
Affiliation Kyōshirō's pack (leader), Ohu
First appearance GDW Volume 9 - Ch. 5, GDW ep 10
Last appearance GDW volume Ch, GDW ep 26
Status Alive
Family or owners Kyōshirō's Father, Kyōshirō's Mother Kyōshirō's Siblings
Voiced by Yuuki Masuda
Meaning of name Crazy fourth son
Age 1 year old
Birthplace Shiga


[show] *1 Kyōshirō in Ginga Densetsu Weed

Kyōshirō in Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

Anime Kyōshirō makes his appearance in Shiga. He is seen harassing Teru's father for committing an act of violence on his son, Teru. Weed stops him and the two get in a fight. The two have a duel later on, to see if Weed is trustworthy and if he should join Weed's pack. [1]Kyōshirō in the anime.Added by OrdinaryWorldThe duel is interrupted by Hougen's assassins, Thunder and Lector which Teru's father had sent to kill Kyōshirō. The four fight as the onlookers watch. During the fight, Teru is captured and almost killed. However, the cowardly Teru's father then sacrifices himself for his son. After some time, Thunder and Lector are defeated and Weed spares them. Kyōshirō's pack then joins Weed's pack. After Tesshin joined Weed, Weed banishes Jerome from his pack for killing the two assassins: Lector and Thunder. Kyōshirō left Weed after seeing how soft he was. All the other dogs (except for GB, Kagetora, Ken, Rocket, Hiro and Tesshin) followed Kyōshirō. When they find Jerome by the river, Kyōshirō tells Jerome that he wanted him as a leader. [2]Added by Pjs454But he is answered to continue to work for Weed. He and his pack find Weed and join him once again after Mel had come down to give Weed the message from Akame. Kyōshirō at one point pretends to betray Weed and joins Buruge's platoon to go undercover in Hougen's army to rescue Gin, but he is revealed by Bat and his mind eye.

He is then beaten up by Hougen until Toube saves Kyōshirō by convincing Hougen that Kyōshirō is more useful alive. Kyōshirō is taken to where Gin is and later he saves Gin with Toube's help. On the way back to Weed, he and Toube are being followed by Kamakiri and his dogs. Kyōshirō told by Toube to take Gin back to Weed while he distracts them, and Kyōshirō reluntantly obeys, despite wanting to help. Unaware of Toube's death the next day, Kyōshirō notices he's being followed by the remaining dogs of Kamakiri and decides to fight them off. When he is losing, Hiro rescues him and informs him about Toube's death. Kyōshirō is distraught, but is told by Hiro to take Gin back to Weed. He takes Gin to Weed and there Weed tells Reika and Mel to take Kyōshirō to the hot spring so he could be healed up. Kyōshirō refuses and states that he had been acting like a brat and got Toube killed, but decides that he won't do reckless or stupid mistakes like that again from now on.

Once Kyōshirō and Hiro are healed up a few days later, Weed sends Tesshin, Kagetora, Ken, and Kyōshirō to Ohu to defeat Hougen's platoon leaders Kite, Bat and Buruge. When fighting Buruge, Kyōshirō almost gives up, until Toube's spirit comes to aid him, allowing him to defeat Buruge. And when Buruge orders Kyōshirō to kill him, Kyōshirō states that, according to Weed, the fight ends here.

At the final battle with Hougen, Kyōshirō desperately wants to jump into the one-on-one fight to help Weed when he is losing, but he is stopped by Akame. And later during the spring of Ohu, Kyōshirō corrects Mel after the pup calls Weed by his name instead of 'leader', showing that Weed is accepted as the new leader of Ohu.


When Kyōshirō was a puppy, his father beat his mother and siblings. His father traded him and his siblings to a mastiff for a boar. Their mother didn’t interfere, knowing that the puppies would die if they stayed with their father. When they were old enough, the brothers returned, wjhere they found the skeleton of their mother. Enraged they met their father again on a cliff. Kyōshirō’s brothers attacked their father and they all fell off the cliff and died together. Kyōshirō was now an orphan and grew up rescuing other pups from their abusive parents. He formed his own pack of abused dogs and together they fight against child abusing.

He meets Weed while fighting an adult male who has been abusing his son, Teru. Kyōshirō joins Weed after being defeated in a fight. However, Kyōshirō has a hard time settling with Weed’s rules.Several times Weed and Kyōshirō has arguments and one time Kyōshirō almost left Weed in anger.

He joins Hougen’s platoon leader, Buruge to find out more about Hougen’s plans. But he is discovered by another platoon leader called Bat and gets beaten. When Kyōshirō escaped, Toube (a friend of Weed) helped him. Kyōshirō is to bring a doberman puppy called Takashi to safety, while Toube fights off anyone who would try to stop them. Kyōshirō gets attacked during the quest and is saved by Weed’s pack. After the Hougen’s death, Kyōshirō stays with Weed. He does not participate in the fight against the baboon general Shougun, but helps the monkey Gosaruto get back to Weed in the heat of the battle. When Kyōshirō is notified of Hakuro’s death in Hokkaido, he runs back to find the old Shikoku-ken, Chourou. Instead of him, he meets Teru who has grown to become an adult. Kyōshirō brings him and his gang along and together, they head to Hokkaido to aid Weed in the upcoming fight against Victor. Before the battle with Victor, Kyōshirō expresses his anger towards Weed because he is too busy spending time with Koyuki rather than helping the Ohu army against the Russian army. Kyōshirō fights with Weed and eventually attacks Koyuki, only to be stopped by his leader. Kyōshirō runs off with tears in his eyes as he leaves Weed with Koyuki.

Along with the rest of the Ohu army, Kyōshirō is trapped inside the gorge for a number of days without food or water, soon he is forced to fight Victor and Bozlef. During the fight, Kyōshirō is injured by the Russian dogs but is soon allowed to leave when Daisuke and Hidetoshi arrive. His injuries weren't too severe and he followed Weed to search for Victor.

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Kishu Inu


Kyōshirō's pack (leader), Ouu army

First appearance

GDA ch. 10

Last appearance

GDA ch. 26



Family or owners

Father, mother and two older brothers, Fuyuto (older brother), Taromaru,Daiki,Haruki and Hayate (children)



Meaning of name

Crazy Fourth Son


1 - 1.5 years old (GDW), 1.5 - 2 years old (GDWO), 2.5 years old (G:TLW)

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