kurotora is he was in the anime

Kurotora is by yoshihiro takahashi

Ginga Nagareboshi GinEdit

When the Kai Brothers were puppies, barely a month old, they were abandoned in the mountains by their owner.

Not long after, they were assaulted by a giant snake who wanted to feed on them. However, together, they managed to kill and eat the snake. To survive in the wilderness, they kept fighting all enemies they could, cooperating, making them incredibly strong. However, the rogue dog (a weasel in the manga), Tin, attacked them and managed to bite out Kurotora's eye, but before Tin could kill him, Ben came out of nowhere and rescued them. Kurotora is the youngest and lost his eye in the aforementioned fight against Tin. In the last episode Akatora, his brother, gets killed by Akakabuto.

Ginga Ocean James/Nagareboshi YukinaEdit

Prequel to Goj/GNY

In Prequel to GOJ/GNY,Both Hakuro and Kurotora became a couple. Kurotora was also pregnant with Hakuro's pups and gave birth to them in chapter 6.Tony(one of their pups) went missing at five months old after he and Hakuro got into a fight with Blue Helmet(Akakabuto's son).

Ginga Ocean James






First appearance

GNG vol 4,GNG episode 9



Family or owners

Rukai,Kagetora,Arion, Nobutora,Harutora,Tony(sons)haka(stepdaughter)



Meaning of Name

black tiger


Kai, Yamanashi

When he,Hakuro and Bill were out hunting they find James, who was also hunting. Hakuro and James get into a bad fight over a pigeon but Kurotora and Bill stop the fight and send James on his way much to a very cross Hakuro giving him a bad mood.

When Sniper takes over Ohu and captured Gin, John, Kisaragi, Akame, their pups, Moss and Chibi,

Bill and Minazuki with the remaining soldiers lead them to find more dogs to attack Sniper.

Along the way they find a group of dogs.along them is Tony and Kazetora. also with them is Kajitora. Kurotora and Hakuro were happy to find Tony but get a nasty shock when Tony does not recognize them.