Kuromura (黒丸)


Akita/Kai Ken Mix


Seth's Pack (Leader)

First appearance

GDA volume 32 -chpt 2

Last appearance

GDA volume 35 chpt 5


Deceased (Died of wounds)

Family or owners

Reima (Great-Grandfather), Suko,Haruna (Great-Grandparents), Hoyma,Akamaru and Tiara (Grandparents), Hinatoro (father), Luna (GDW) (mother),Seth (Adopted father), Hinatoro's siblings (Uncles) Akane and Angelina (Siblings), Sera and Lukio (Cousins), Kazu (Niece),Taromaru, Daiki, Haruki and Hayate (Nephews and Nieces)

Name Meaning

Black circle

Place of Birth

Northern Alps

Kuromura is the oldest son of Hinatoro and Luna. He is Seth's adopted son and leader of his pack of 60 dogs.

He has dark red fur and blue eyes, like his grandfather Suko. He was very proud and stubborn.

Personality Edit

Kuromura was born in the Northern Alps along with his younger siblings Angie and Akane. He was a kind-hearted and unusually mature puppy.

Even at a very young age, Kuro felt great responsibility as the eldest son. He could eat solid food at an unusually young age and learned to catch small nonvenomous snakes.

However, his mother soon became ill and had to ask a wandering dog named Seth to take care of her puppies. Seth then adopted the oldest puppies: Akane and Kuro.

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