Labrador Retriever (Black)




Deceased (killed by Badaq)

Family or owners

Unnamed owners; Rie, Jinsei, Hana, Megu, Nori, Riley, Felix, Kaoru, Talon, Chika, Eri, Quasi, Cecil, Bat, Jody, Allen (children); Isabella "Izzy", Ryan, Ichiro, Eisei, Sora, Adina, Vidar, Rin, Miyuki, Sylar (grandchildren)

Kokuryuu is a minor character appearing only in the Backstories segment of Rishiritou no Inu no Densetsu.

Rishiritou no Inu no DensetsuEdit


A seductress who never once hesitated to kill males and pups whenever she no longer found any use of them. Long before she even met Hiroki, Kokuryuu used to be a sporting dog until being downgraded to just a breeding dog. She sired her first litter that very same year with a dog of an unknown breed. Once the pups were weaned and ready to be adopted, Kokuryuu ran away and became something equivalent of a prostitute.

It was during one of these daily rounds that she came across her eventual partner in crime, Hiroki (back then simply known as Shingan). Initially holding no real interest in him, Kokuryuu eventually changed her mind when the yellow lab killed one of her old, “more obsessive” customers who tried to have his way with her. Taken in simply by the other’s strength alone, the black lab takes Shingan under her wing and lets him become her partner in crime, including even changing his name. Together, these two pulled off a lot of heinous crimes, crimes that often led the two of them craving for more.

Because of the large decreasing of males in Kofu due to their activities, and with her suddenly going into heat, Kokuryuu gave herself willingly to Hiroki, not really expecting anything to come out of this small tryst.

Unfortunately for her, it did.

After furiously beating Hiroki up, Kokuryuu crashes into some cold, dark alley, where she eventually gives birth to a litter of nine pups. Rather than letting them nurse or even give them any warmth from the cold weather, she just up and leaves, with Hiroki right behind her. During their absence, five of those pups dies from the unforgiving cold until Badaq, a male their mother had tried to seduce before realizing that she was carrying them, found the remaining four and took them in.

When Bat and Allen, two of the surviving pups, manages to track their parents down, they’re beaten nearly to death, but before Kokuryuu could deal with the killing blow, Badaq intervenes and kills both her and Hiroki with very little effort…

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