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Brian(Kisame's reincarnation)

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kisame's sad death


Kisame/Brian is created by bart12345



Siberian Husky/Kishu inu mix

First appearance

Prequle to GOJ chapter 11,GOJ chapter 4

Last appearance

GOJ chapter 69


Deceased (Killed by Tegan and Sniper)

Family or owners

Kisaragi(Father),Akame(Mother), Uzuki,Hazuki,Minazuki(uncles), Brian(reincarnation)

He is the four months old son of Akame and Kisaragi, litter mate to Riana and other pups. He was killed early on in GOJ by Sniper and was reborn in GOJL as Brian. Brian has a love interest in Yuko, James's half-sister.

Prequel to GOJ/GNY

Kisame was born with his siblings after the war against Akakabuto along with Riana, Akame Jr, and three other pups. He is best friends with Ken, Ben's son. He is Akame and Kisaragi's pride and joy.

Ginga Ocean James

Kisame was hunting with his friends when Sniper attacks with Tegan, Cutler, and Simon. He tried to fight him, but Sniper was too powerful for him and nearly killed him. He just barely makes it to Gajou before collapsing in front of his father and mother. He breathes his last breath and dies. He soon makes it to the heaven where the past Ohu soldiers are living after their deaths. He almost drowns until Benizakura saves him. His soul like Akatora, is reborn shortly after his death as Brian.

Ginga Ocean James:Liara

It is unknown when exactly Brian was born, but he is at least a year old and is friends with Aki, Yuko, and Junpei. Along with the siblings, he follows James and his family on their much-needed vacation to London. Assisting the three with their revenge quest, he fights James's family even though he knows they are wrong. After a truce is formed, Brian learns of his past life from Liara, she having told him that Kisame is who he really is. As he helps the pack rescue Joe, Koyuki, and Yukimura from dognappers, Brian learns that he longs to go to Ohu.

He later mates with Yuko and the two are expecting their first litter of pups. His friend Yukimura stays behind with his mate Duncan.
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Kisame as a puppy


GDW:AU(bart12345 version)

Kisame(GDW:AU bart12345 version)


Siberian Husky/Kishu inu mix

First appearance

GDW:AU bart12345 version chapter 2



Family or owners

Kisaragi(Father),Akame(Mother), Uzuki,Hazuki,Minazuki(uncles),Brian(little brother)

Brian and Kisame are the sons of Akame and Kisaragi and the best friends of Yukimura and Joe, often going on adventures with the two. Their siblings are Riana, Akame Jr, Kiri, Jin, and many adopted siblings. They are often spoiled. Kisame is learning how to be a ninja from his mother Akame,his half-sister Tegan, Simon and his father, Kisaragi.
(Order of birth from oldest to youngest) Kisame Brian
Riana Akame Jr
Kiri Jin