Biography Edit

Kin is an akita inu pup born outside of Ohu similarly to former leader of Ohu, Weed, and the main character of an upcoming series called Ōgonga Kyuseishu Kin 黄金牙救世主キン (ENG: "Goldenfang Savior Kin") a Ginga fan series featuring a manga and an anime of the same title. She is the daughter of Weed's son, Orion and travels through the forests of Japan with the usual Ginga banter, though instead of travelling with an English Setter deuteragonist like GB, she instead journeys forth to Ohu with a brown Pug character named Pojo .

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Akita Kishu mix


Ōhu army (5th generation leader)

First appearance

OKK Episode 1, OKK Volume 1

Last appearance





Riki and Fuji (great-great grandparents) Gin and Sakura (great grandparents), Weed and Koyuki (grandparents) Yukimura and Joe (great uncles) Orion (father) Sirius and Rigel (uncles) Bellatrix (aunt)

Meaning of name


Place of birth

Ohu Mountains


2-7 months old

Physical Appearance Edit

Kin is known for being a typical two month old akita inu pup with golden yellow fur that of which she gets her name from as "kin" is Japanese for "gold", but like Gin and Weed, was originally born with a tiger-stripe akita dog fur pattern, therefore it should be understood that Kin has the many traits of a bear hound like her grandfather Weed and great grandfather Gin. However when seen in the anime, her fur is a solid gold color with no stripes. She has light, brown eyes and an unusual pink nose that not many dogs have, showing evidence that Kin is in fact a mixbreed like Weed and Orion, though at the beginning of the OKK opening, she appears to have blue eyes as this was an animation mistake.

Story Edit

Kin was set off on an adventure to Ohu alone by her mother a while back but ends up getting lost in a deep forest and is left with nothing to eat but the decaying bodies of deceased birds. Along the long journey ahead of her she meets up with a brown pug, that brown pug being Pojo, who was attacked by a pack of stray cats for unintentionally stumbling into their territory without knowing it was theirs. Before Kin intervenes Jeremy the Bull Terrier tries to fight them off but ends up failing when outnumbered by more cats who join in the fight, nearly killing the two dogs. She is left with no other choice but to interfere in battle and attacked with the Kogane Senuki Battoga, (The cutting fang of the golden corkscrew) a newly created Battoga attack of the original 8 deriving from the Zetzu Tenrou Battoga. Jeremy and Pojo thank Kin for saving their lives but are curious how such a dog her age could learn such a powerful attack before Kin informs them that she didn't learn it and that she created it. They later find out from other dogs in later parts of the story that these cats were actually sent from someone who was recently threatening Ohu, a black panther named Dagger, who had escaped from the zoo of Tokyo, Japan. Kin was hoping to stop the evil wild cat from terrorizing Ohu but was informed that this was currently impossible as she has barely any experience. The story continues.

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