Kichi is the oldest out of Shiro's and Yamabuki's litter. He was the only one with white fur, like Yamabuki. He was chosen and trained by Gohei Takeda, but Riki took his place soon after. Kichi never stopped being a bearhound, he was just not lead dog anymore. When Gohei, Harley, Aka, Don, Riki and Kichi were out hunting, Akakabuto surprised them and killed Harley. He also threw Kichi into the air, giving him permanent scars. Kichi got crushed under a pile of rocks, and everybody thought that he had died. But Kichi soon got out and joined Riki's army as a minor soldier in the background. In KAY, Kichi is being held hostage by Torahamu, but Fang kills Torahamu and Kichi is saved. 
Riki, Jisoku, Suki, Hisan, Kichi

Kich and his siblings as pups.

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