Kazu (和)


Akita Inu/Kai Ken/Kishu mix


Ouu army

First appearance

GDW volume 52

Last appearance

GDWO AU volume 1



Family or owners

Reima (Great-Great-Grandfather),Suko,Haruna (Great-Grandparents), Hinatoro and Luna (Grandparents),Kuromura (Uncle),Angelina (Aunt) Akane (father), Hinata (mother), Kazu Siblings (Brothers),Taromaru, Daiki, Haruki and Hayate (First cousins),

Meaning of Name



6 Months (GDW:O) 1 year old (G:TLW)

Kazu is the youngest and only living daughter of Akane and Hinata. Her has dark red fur, similar to her mother and her uncle Kuromura.

She was born in the mountains along with her three brothers, but her brothers and Hinata were killed by one of Hybrid's Sons.

Akane realized that one of the puppies survived and he named "Peace and Harmony" so she could live peacefully, not just for herself, but for her brothers.

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