Kazetora is the only son of Minazuki and Akatora and the Brother of Sara, Jane, Alary, Neira, Tiana and also the Uncle of Himiko,Oki, Amy and 5 unnamed pups.

Kazetora was taken by a human and was used in unknown experiments. It is unknown how he ended up with Kajitora and his friends, but he, along with Morakin, Half-ear, Tony and Kajitora, left their human home and made up residence in a woody forest where they were later found by Hakuro. The Kai mix was reunited with his biological mother Minazuki and five sisters. Kajitora later becomes his stepfather after Minazuki's death.

Eventually, Kazetora does go out to find his three traveling sisters after Matawaka joins Ohu's noble cause. But only Jane comes back with him. He shows interest towards Redfang, but it is unknown if she feels the same way.




Kai Ken/Siberian Husky mix





Family or owners

Akatora, Minazuki (parents); Jane, Alary, Neira, Tiana,Sara (biological siblings); Kyrina (half-sibling); Kajitora (step-father); Amy, Himiko, Oki, 5 unnamed pups (Nefews/Neices);Pyrotora ,Kai and Tim ; Suruki (Brother-in-law) Chutora , Kurotora , Uzuki , Hazuki , Kisaragi , Bill , Hakuro (uncles); Tony, Kagetora, Harutora , Nobutora , Bill and Chutora's pups (cousins)

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