Katy Airi Mei (ケーティ空気メイ)




Hinatoro,Daisuke, Hidetoshi Sekiguchi, Gohē Takeda, Ohu

First Appearance

GNG vol 1, GNG ep 1, GDW vol 1

Last appearance

GNG ep 21



Family or owners

Unnamed Parents, Akamaru, Tiara, Hinatoro, Hin's siblings (dogs)



Meaning of Name

Katy: Pure

Airi: "love, affection" and "white jasmine" or "pear"

Mei: "beautiful"

Place of Birth

Higashinaruse, Akita Prefecture


2 years old (GDR), 11-12 years old (GNG), 22-24 years old (GDW), 26 years old (GDW:O), 27 years old (GTLW)

Katy Airi Mei was Hinatoro's owner and she's one of the most important human characters in the Ginga series. She is also named The Dog Whisper She has ability to understand animals mostly dogs via telekinese

Personality Edit

Katy is clam and kind,and Level-head, shes Daisuke's childhood friend, she sometimes like Daisuke often did things without the permission of adults and got herself in trouble or even danger.

Shes ready to solve things Like Daisuke than most adults of the village and thus was often annoyed by unable villagers. Despite Daisuke's impatient and reckless nature, he was quite smart at the times he calmed down to think things through. Being a young girl, she was the smart one of the two.

She has great and passion love for dogs, possibly after she and Daisuke was saved by Riki and Akamaru as a small children. Being interested in dogs, she also knows a lot about them and is very happy when Gin and Toro were born, eagerly explaining the story behind his silver and white fur.

Katy is strong and tough. She started to train very hard in order to hunt down Akakabuto along with Daisuke, proving that she was ready to work a lot for things she also saw as highly important. Slaps on the face nor dangerous bears won't make her back down easily. During her first hunting with Daisuke she was a little afraid at first, but they won their fear. At first, she also disliked the idea of killing an animal.

In Ginga Densetsu Weed, Katy is an adult. She has a protective nature, and still has her love for dogs. She is kind,Benevolent and smart young lady. She along with Daisuke wants to protect Weed and Angelina after guessing that he is Gin's son and Angle is Toro's daughter. Shes generally worried of dogs and would like to help them. She still remembers Gohee well and respects his memory. Shes angered and worried every time humans harm the dogs.

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