(かんな Kanna)


Kishu Inu (possible mix)


The Amazonians


Unknown, possibly alive

Family or owners

Maikki (foster mother)




10 years old

Kanna is a minor character appearing in Rishiritou no Inu no Densetsu, acting as one of Maikki's so-called "shadows". When the Rishiri Island pack was split into three major ones, Kanna chose to go with Maikki. Seeing some form of potential in the younger female, Maikki adopted the younger female, initially making everyone believe that the Karelian had chosen a possible successor.

In reality, this was much further from the gossips, as Maikki instead named her her personal spy. However, rather than spying on the other packs like some of Maikki's other "shadows" did, the Karelian made the Kishu secretly spy on the Amazonians themselves. It was she who got Lucy exiled after constantly spying on the Mastiff and her relationship with Terry, and it was she who managed to confirm about Seppo's infidelity after the latter's death. For the latter part, Kanna earned a tear in her right ear from Maikki due to the Kishu not having informed her of it much earlier.

Unlike Kia, who would often try to stand up against their Matriarch regarding certain issues, or Seppo, who would try and constantly fail to appease the Karelian and indirectly "betray" his pack by going after one of Taka's concubines, Kanna is seen throughout the series as the most trusted of all of Maikki's pack members. Seemingly having no concept of kindness and/or sympathy towards the people she'd constantly observe, the Kishu had no problems with dealing out the information her foster mother would ask of her. Her heartlessness, along with having her mindset constantly being set on logic, became even more evident whenever Kia or even Geli would try to find out her personal opinions, as she would always give the two females objective answers while always looking confused whenever they wanted to hear her personal opinion on something. Despite this, Kanna would often try to give Geli some guidance, and was also the one who not only told her how much Maikki did love her and her other pups, but also comforted the younger female after her experience with Aatami.

It's currently unknown what happened to Kanna during the Dog Slaughter arc, as she was neither present nor mentioned in the slightest throughout the whole event.