Kajitora by digimonfrontier77-d4ih7xm
Kajitora is the recarnation of Akatora.


Kai Ken





Family or owners

Akatora(old self)

Minazuki (Mate); Jane, Alary, Neira, Tiana, Kazetora (Step Children);  Kyrina (Daughter) Suruki (Son-in-Law)

AmyHimiko, Oki, 5 unnamed pups(Grandchildren);

Chutora, Kurotora(Brothers), Uzuki, Hazuki, Kisaragi, Bill, Hakuro (Brothers-in-Law); Tony, Kagetora, Harutora, Nobutora, Bill and Chutora's pups (Nefews)

The reincarnation of Akatora who retains memories of his past life as a Kai brother. He has dreams of being in the Ohu army and then dying. When he is 6 months old, he sets out on his own to discover who he is. When he meets back up with Chutora and Kurotora, he says he is their brother but they don't recognize him at first. After explaining a bit, they cry tears of joy. Minazuki is overjoyed with his return.

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