Jisoku is one of Shiro's and Yamabuki's pups. He is the exact look-a-like of Shiro. He was chosen by an old man who needed company. A few years later the man passed on, and Jisoku was left alone. He ran to Ohu, hoping he could join his brother, but he found Riki almost dead. He was so sorry for him and he howled along with the Ohu dogs as a memory for him. After that, he went into the woods to live as a lone wonderer. At the beginning of Tochigin's Dark Reign, Jisoku was out hunting, when Toxic killed him with his poisoned scythe. He was found by his sister Suki and his great great niece Kaitlin.
Riki, Jisoku, Suki, Hisan, Kichi

Jisoku and his siblings as pups.

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