Jane adult by digimonfrontier77-d4cnwjr
Jane is Daugther of Minazuki and Akatora and the sister of Alary, Neira, Tiana, Kazetora, Sara.

Jane is traveling to become an Ohu soldier when she bumps into Giyan.

She is the only one who doesn't take after either parent's appearance in looks, her body a whole brown color. She is the middle sister out of the five girls and leaves to go become a fighting dog after the third arc of GOJ. She is never heard from again.



Kai Ken/Siberian Husky mix





Family or owners

Akatora, Minazuki (parents);  Alary, Neira,Tiana,Sara,Kazetora (biological siblings); Kyrina (half-sibling); Kajitora (Step-father); Amy, Himiko, Oki, Edna, Edwina, Edelle, Edward, Ozzy (Nephews/Nieces); Pyrotora (Nephew) Suruki (Brother-in-law) Chutora , Kurotora , Uzuki , Hazuki , Kisaragi , Bill , Hakuro (Uncles); Tony, Kagetora, Harutora, Nobutora, Bill and Chutora's pups (Cousins)

Kai,Tim (Sons)

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