Hyoga is the leader of the arctic brothers. He is a born leader and a brave fighter.

Hyoga first appeared with Koori and Shimo when they ambushed Jax and stole his meat. He was later appeared when Jax attacked him. He was pinned down and was about to get killed, but then Aotora comes in and saves him. He thanks him, but wasn't sure on joining him. But Koori manages to convince him to join. For most of the arc, he help Aotora gather males for the final battle. When the invasion started he and his brothers were chosen to be platoon leaders, and invaded the west side of the Gijou.

During the tundra arc, He is now a father to 5 pups, one going by the name of Shadow. He first appeared fighting off a bear alongside Tabi. When Tabi got hurt, he help distract the bear while he was being carried away. When the winter began, he told his pups to stay in the den, and he went to find food. But when he got back, he found his pups killed. Only one of his pups, Shadow, had survived. He never had figured out who killed his children, but was grateful to know his child is alive. When he went out to find a new den, he was the first to find out about Iorek's invasion. He quickly ran back to tell Aotora but was caught in a snowstorm. He told his son to hide out and he will come back later. Sadly he never came back, and was found frozen in the snow by his son.


The leadership with Hyoga, Koori and Shimo are resulted actually in what there names mean. Hyoga = Glacir (Leader), Koori = Ice (Second-in-command), Shimo = Frost (Lackee).