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Hoko is an English setter. He is a friendly dog, but also a bit of a show off. He also considers himself "The top dog", mainly calling his friends "Pups". But he's still a good fighter.

Ginga KyyushiEdit

First encounterEdit

Hoko first appears hunting rabbits at a nearby field. Kyyushi first meets him near his usuall hunting area. He and Kyyushi didn't get along at first, mainly from a dispute over hunting. But Hoko and Kyyushi manage to get along, and became fast friends. Kyyushi tells Hoko where he was going, and he wanted to go with him. But his "Boss", Bash, forbids him to. However, Hoko was realesed after Bash lost to Kyyushi. He is consider Kyyushi's closest friend. For most of the story, he was a background character.

The final battleEdit

Hoko watched the battle of Resse and Kyyushi. But when he saw Kyyushi getting beat up, Hoko interceded and rammed Resse, but then Resse rips off his leg. Dismissing him from the battle.

Ginga Farle AotoraEdit

In the sequel, he only appears in a flashback. But it was figured out that he was alive, because he was found hostage to Black Shuck. He escaped after Bash did. He lasted longer then bash did, And he meets Aotora and his group. He explained the situation with Kyyushi. So he decided to train Aotora for a bit. But one night, Saiko attacked the clan and brought Hoko back to Black Shuck's prison. While he was in prison, he was told that Kyyushi died from Saiko. He didn't believe him at first until Saiko showed him a Kai-Ken head (Not Kyyushi's). He became enraged with Black Shuck. After he was rescued, he told Aotora about his fathers death. He was seen in the final battle with Aotora and Black Shuck. He was shocked to see Kyyushi on top of the Gijou! He was then told of Saiko's plan. He then ran away, trying to find Saiko. He wasn't seen since.