Mexican Hairless




Deceased (Killed by Lintoru and Collin)

Family or owners

Deceased parents

First appearance

T.G.S. Ch.28

Last Appearance

T.G.S. Ch.31


Lintoru ArcEdit

Hisuteri is a deadly and horrifying canine in T.G.S. He was born oddly in Siberia (ironic given the fact he has no hair) and had killed his parents out of an argument. Since he did this, he found it was so easy to get rid of your problems this way...but he found it not as fun. He first appearshen he arrives alone, no one with him. He walks strait up to Lintoru's men and demands for the females. When they didn't comply, he suddenly gave a huge, almost ghostly screech that shoke the ground! It was then that Lintoru came out, wondering what's going on. But when she did, Hisuteri steps right to her and then, right in front of everyone, Raped Lintoru! But later on, he sees Collin and after awhile castraites him, saying that he deserves it for being so nosy. After awhile, he suddenly appears again and kidnaps Collin again. He rushed back in an old log cabin and starts to torture Collin when Carlos rushes in and frees Collin. However Hisuteri manages to kill him afterwards, throwing his body to the others as a warning. He appears later thinking on what might had happened to Lintoru and Collin after his interference. He went over to check on Collin right before the fight and discovers he has to stay around. After Collin goes to help the others, Hisuteri steps in and helps himself by attacking him, beating him like a rag doll. He was about to kill him when Lintoru suddenly jumps in and attacks him. He fights them both for awhile, but then they both suddenly jump at him and sink their fangs into his head, killing him. But before he passes on, he tells Lintoru that her fate has been sealed. And he dies with a grin on his face.