A stray dog from Kofu. It’s currently unknown what his occupation was (that is, if he even had any) before meeting Kokuryuu – in fact, there’s hardly any real information on this guy, other than that his original name was Shingan. What is known is that Shingan had been secretly spying on the black lab before becoming one of her “acquaintances”. At first seemingly heartbroken when she turned him down in favor for trying to pursue some of the hunting dogs in the area, Shingan eventually managed to prove his worth when he killed one of Kokuryuu’s former customers. Not only does the black lab bestow him with a completely different name (Hiroki, to symbolize his strength), but she even named him her partner in crime, killing any gullible males who no longer proved themselves of use to her.

Because of this killing spree, when she was unable to find any unneutered males while she was in heat, Kokuryuu chose to turn to her partner instead. Neither of them really expected anything to come out of their brief union, and so saw it as no real biggie to just have that fling.

Sadly, they were proven wrong, for the black lab’s stomach soon started to swell with pups afterwards.

Once the pups had been born and abandoned, both Hiroki and Kokuryuu slowly but surely went back to their old ways. It all came to an unexpected halt when two of their pups – Allen and Bat – had managed to track them down. Rather than give the two any affection, the two acted purely on their instincts to kill these brats and leave it for some unfortunate passerby’s to find. In the struggle, Hiroki had managed to scar Allen’s left eye, leaving two scars there.

Now on the verge of death, the two pups were going to be dealt the killing blow had Badaq not arrived in time, killing them with very little effort on his part. Kokuryuu and Hiroki’s reign of terror, ended so unexpectedly and so quickly.

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