hazuki as seen in the anime


Hazuki is created by yoshihiro takahashi



Siberian Husky


Mutsu, Ou

First appearance

GNG ep.16


Deceased(reason unknown in offical), Alive(GOJ/GNY)

Family or owners

kisaragi,uzuki,minazuki(brothers) great,akatora,akame(brothers in law),sara(neice),kisame(nephew),moss(father in law),tesshin(adopted brother in law)



Meaning of Name


Hazuki is one of the Mutsu Generals along with his friends Kisaragi, Minazuki, and Uzuki. He joins Gin's pack after seeing Jaguar in battle, impressed with his skills.

He isn't seen much more in GNG, but in GOJ/GNY, he is much more important, being the uncle of Sara and her sisters along with Kisaragi and Uzuki. He meets James when he appears at the lake Sara is fishing at.

Prequel to GOJ/GNY





Oddly in the manga he has brown fur with a black muzzle and markings with white fur on his chest while in the anime he is coloured blue.why the ink and painters at toei made him blue is a mystery....

Hazuki was the aggressive and rudest of the generals but after they joined the army he became kind and spends some time with jaguar.he even gets along with moss and tesshin(known as chibi). He is also easy to embarrass when moss asks his son if he has a crush on him along with tesshin asking if hazuki is going to be his big brother.

Kopioikoiraedesta - Copy


In K.A.Y, Hazuki is mated to Shizuku, and he has a son called Shimotsuki. He helps Kaitlin in the final battle, when Torakashi throws her at Hazuki. 

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