German Shepherd





Family or owners

Tabi,Bito (Children)



Gorgon in Ginga KyyushiEdit

Gorgon's PastEdit

Gorgon from Kai is a well-trained fighting dog and never lost a fight. His only exception was with a Brozoi named Dash. Despite his strengh, Gorgon can't hit Dash due to his speed and agility. As a result, losing the fight.

Gorgon In the Ohu ArmyEdit

Gorgon first meets the ohu army In his homeland. Kyyushi try's to get him to Join his group. But Gorgon refused the first time. Then he lied saying because he has duties in Kai. But his real reason was because of his puppies and his mate, Momo. Kyyushi figures this out and try's to asks him to join again. While they were talking, Turro and his pack captured Gorgon's family. Gorgon then made a deal with Kyyushi that if he can help him get his family back, he would happily join. Kyyushi agrees and goes with him. When Gorgon and Kyyushi find Turro and Gorgon's family, Gorgon ran in and attacked Turro while Kyyushi freed Momo and her children. But Turro sees them escaping and kills the pups (except two). This made Gorgon angry and rips out a chunk of turro's throut, killing him. After moving his family to a safe location, and telling them about his deal, he joins ohu. For most of the story, he has been a background character. Until he fights Byakeren. He was tricked into fallowing him down a river-made canyon. And got his eye ripped out. He fights him for some time until a landslide collapsed on them. Byakeren dies in the landslide, but Gorgon survives. He dosent appear during the final with Kyyushi and Resse.